What is a Tier 1 Water Shortage Declaration?  Does it affect me?


Tier 1 water shortage explination

What is a Tier 1 water shortage declaration and what does it mean to us from being global citizens to Arizona residents (where the shortage has been declared regarding Lake Mead and the Colorado River).

So the question we need to be asking might just be, "did we really need anyone to tell us how dry it could get in Arizona?"  Well they now have.  When you listen to this short AZ Family news report don't miss a couple key points, some that go unspoken.  These may sound dismal at first but read through to the light at the end....

  • Lake Mead is continually experiencing record lows.

Don't expect that to change even with a couple winters with heavy snowfall.  This is now a perpetual reality.

  • The report says it's not going to directly affect consumers, yet.  

When will it affect us directly and how?  Will our food cost more and be more scarce?  Next year, the year after...  This is no longer an "if" but a "when" and "in what ways" will it affect me and those I care for.

  • How is this connected to the water we drink and bath in?

All the water that feeds the Arizona Phoenix valley comes from the Central Arizona Project water way (photo below .  And that means that any water conserved through a method like a waterless toilet, a waterless landscape or just taking shorter showers does matter. 

In fact, conservation efforts in the region have staved this Tier 1 Declaration off for 5 years. Did you know that Arizona’s water usage is below 1957 levels even though the population is now six times larger. Plus, the Greater Phoenix area reuses or recharges over 90% of effluent produced in the region.  Learn more about Arizona's Proactive Approach to Water Management and how to work with our neighbors, as individuals and as communities, to solve for long-term access to ample water for everyone.

Central Arizona Project - Wikipedia


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