The Kitchen is in his Blood - Jeremy Pacheco, on The Vig and Genuine Concepts

Yes, first a dishwasher, now a Culinary Director across nine venues, Chef Jeremy Pacheco has always known being the kitchen was in his blood.

"Born and raised in Arizona, I always honored my family's culture and embraced it. My dad is Mexican and Spanish. He would harvest, shuck, and grill the white and green corn to make pure masa from scratch," Pacheco says. "We have a rich history of great food in my family."

Jeremy's heritage of locally grown fresh food is as important to him as clean air and freshwater. His focus on simple dishes, yet refined, carries over into every meal he makes. Chef Pacheco looks at the menu as an opportunity to showcase and help define Arizona cuisine versus being considered Southwestern or Tex-Mex. The key to differentiating the culinary POV comes from his commitment to using local products and working with small farms.

Chef Jeremy is the Culinary Director for Genuine Concepts, which has nine restaurants. They include 5 locations of The Vig. In addition to The WomackThe McMillianLadera, and The Little Woody. The opportunity to experience these locally essenced menus stretches from Flagstaff to Phoenix. The broad reach started with Genuine Concepts intention and reputation for being deeply rooted in their neighborhood locations. They strive for and accomplish creating unique environments that quickly become your favorite local spot. 

"Everyone feels welcome and gets a warm sense of belonging from the moment they walk in the door until you leave with a full belly. Like us, Genuine Concepts believes in community and shares our passion for supporting local organizations throughout Arizona." Says Justin Benedict, plant-based food specialist from Local Alternative Foods. He continues, "We've worked with Chef Pacheco in several of his past roles, and his interest in new products and keeping it local stands out on every menu. It's admirable."

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