The Joy Bus Diner - Taking on Cancer Through Community and Clean Food

Welcoming and happy to be there... is the overwhelming feeling you get whenever you are at The JoyBus Diner.  Jennifer and her team at the offer the communities supporting Arizona's cancer care needs the grassroots arms and legs needed to prepare and deliver rejuvenating meals and heartfelt services to a growing number of recovering cancer patients throughout Scottsdale and the Phoenix Valley.

"When my college buddy Dr. Dan Ruben, a Joybus board member, introduced me to the opportunity to expand the good our food does philanthropically targeted at cancer recovery we were all in in the first 2 minutes." Says Local Alternative Founder Jonathan Netzky.  Further, he states "I lost my father to cancer and never met one of my grandmothers because of it.  As a small company, we don't have the resources to make impactful donations to large foundations like the ACA. Donating food to the Joybus for 5+ years now has allowed them to serve the highest quality healthy food to a population in critical need with less labor and resources.  When we first started sharing food through Joybus they had 17 people delivering meals and supporting patients in recovery.  When I checked in last month it was close to 100 people volunteering to spend their time helping others in the community every Friday.  Jennifer is Rad and her team are rockstars at community building, nourishing delicious food prep and creating hope!"

We know that so many restaurant owners grow up in homes where food was the center not just of a meal but for a community.  So many of our clients share stories about opening their restaurants to foster and support the community. None of them are as significant as The Joybus Diner.  The JoyBus Diner is on a mission to not only serve its community good food with a smile but to also do it in a way that is nourishing to the body and the soul.

The Joy Bus Diner was founded four years ago by award-winning chef Jennifer Caraway in honor of her dear friend Joy who passed away from ovarian cancer. The idea behind The Joy Bus Diner was to create a nonprofit organization to provide homebound cancer patients with free meals and some uplifting company. Jennifer says, “Good food and good conversation can go a long way.

"As a chef, I know the most important value in our food system is utilizing fresh ingredients and whole food products. We want to show our community that by providing nurturing meals and using clean ingredients, that we can both care about and care for their nutrition and well-being." Says Jennifer Caraway, Founder / Operator The Joy Bus Diner. She continues to share that "We handcraft every meal using fresh produce from the farm and quality proteins from local sources, like Local Alternative Food's. We make an amazing Shepherd’s Pie, focused around their NexVeg protein, that is out of this world because the food we use is natural. And we are pleased to say, that we have yet to have a complaint that our customers are tasting real food." 

Jennifer has put everything she has into the success of JoyBus and it has impacted the community substantially. She has collaborated with Four Peaks Brewing Company which has named two beers after The Joy Bus. She has also teamed up with a group of talented chefs to write a cookbook "More than a Meal" which is now available. They recently received a surprise grant along with 70 other Arizona companies for $250,000 to expand the great work they do and put more willing arms and legs to work.

Jennifer states "This diner represents a community that has come together to make a difference, and we really couldn't have done it without the help of our volunteers and local food providers."

Thank you, Jennifer and The Joybus Team you are appreciated every day.
from Local Alternative Foods and everyone that's cared for and lost someone to a challenging disease...


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