Royal Palace to Old Town Scottsdale - Tony Hamati Schmooze'ing with Food

#1 Rule at Schmooze > if the customer does not like the food they do not pay, no questions asked. And I'm happy to say I have not had to buy a NexVeg™ meal back yet, and don't expect I will!"

I opened Schmooze Bar and Breakfast and hesitated to add plant-based products to my menu", says Tony. "It quickly came to my attention that Scottsdale was shifting their food choices to more non-meat foods, even when dining out.  I reconsidered and put my efforts into searching for a meat alternative that would fit in on my menu. I tried several different vegan substitutes and narrowed it down to just two options...

NexVeg and Impossible. Over time, I started to notice that NexVeg orders took over and now I'm at the point where I'm considering cutting Impossible products out completely, to save myself money and food waste."

In our interview we learned that after completing his culinary education at La Sorbonne Tony started his career cooking in the Royal Palace of Jordan.  Merging the finesse of the French cuisine and pungent flavors of Jordanian culture Tony's career has taken him around the world and landed him in Arizona.  Schmooze is his third restaurant in the valley.  Per Tony, "what I like most about NexVeg is that their product is always consistent and the bold flavors come exclusively from fresh real whole foods. It's the same way I cook and I'm very proud to carry their product and put my name on it."

He continues to share that, "I have been in the hospitality business since 1985 and I have always felt that in order to turn a new customer into a returning one I need to serve them with quality food every time. If I can provide them with that sense of comfort in knowing that their expectations are being met at each visit, then we are on the right track. I see a lot of regulars order NexVeg for the first time and they come back to order it again. I don't have to touch the flavors of the NexVeg product. I serve it as is and I get comments like, "is Picasso in the kitchen how did you make this?" and my immediate response is simple - it's NexVeg."

Tony agrees that you don't have to be vegan to love these patties and he predicts, "in the next 5 years this will be at the forefront of menus. Animal proteins are getting more expensive and consumers are becoming more health-conscious, it's just a matter of time."

"It's (NexVeg) so versatile you can use it in so many different ways and I have taken advantage of that to make my menu unique. I use it in my burritos, breakfast bowls, burgers, and salads. It seemed daunting to create a tasty plant-based menu that people crave. NexVeg has delivered, making it easy to satisfy plant-based diners and meat-eaters alike."

According to Justin Benedict, Food Specialist at Local Alternative Foods (the makers of NexVeg™), "it's satisfying for us to see experienced chefs like Tony make our product their own to where they can make dishes that appeal to every meal of the day. To be able to take a product and create menu items that match the values of both companies says a lot about a chef."  

Tony ended our conversation by telling us that "I spend zero on advertising. I let my hospitality and food speak for themselves. We focus on the customer's needs and do it with a happy disposition. In turn, they leave my restaurant and take care of advertising for us by word of mouth. It's a wonderful partnership to have with my customers."  

Tony, we agree wholeheartedly, and thank you for your support!

Schmooze Breakfast Collage

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