Quick Guide: 4 Tips to Maximize Your Plant-based Menu's Value

Eating healthy doesn't have to be an "all or nothing" option for your customers, and being a healthy and sustainable restaurant doesn't mean you must offer 100% whole plant foods, every meal, every item on the plate, every single bite.

Plant-based dishes don’t need to take over your whole menu to make a difference, but when you can maximize the value of the plant-based dishes you do offer, then your customers will greatly appreciate it. It's all about taking small steps to make the incremental difference in integrating your plant-based menu options into your customers' healthy lifestyles.

Here are 4 tips to maximize the value of your plant-based menu options.

1. Know Your Audience
85% of people choose a plant-based diet for health reasons, so its important to put your customers first by making "healthy" sound more delicious and comforting. Using different fonts, colors and sizes will make your wholesome menu items stand out more with your customers.

Here are 2 examples from Brandy's Restaurant and Bakery in Flagstaff and Graze Premium Burgers in Tucson:

Brandy's Restaurant and Graze Premium Burgers

For younger generations, "sustainability" is the second most important reason to choose a plant-based diet behind health. Post sustainability statements on your website, throughout your restaurant and on your menu so the message is visible and clear to customers who care deeply about this topic.

Here is an example from El Rincon in Sedona:

El Rincon Image


2. Provide Options for Everyone
Put at least one dedicated option on the menu that everyone can eat. It’s not just about non-allergen, but designing plant-based dishes that are acceptable to 99.9% of your potential consumers. Start with a pure combination of clean whole foods that don’t require special orders. You’ll limit errors, labor expense, and create new regulars at the same time.  Check out this amazing 100% whole-food, plant-based Avocado Taco from Bandera Craft Tacos in Flagstaff.

Avocado Taco Bandera Flagstaff


3. Exploit Versatile Ingredients
Drive sales and repeat customers by providing plant-based customers with variety and options (fake meat, whole food patties, soy rizo, etc.) similar to how you approach animal proteins (beef, pork, chicken, fish, etc.).

If your goal is to attract non-meat eaters, don’t expect them to always want a burger. As an example, the Toasted Owl in Flagstaff leverages existing ingredients to make plant-based customers feel welcome with a diverse range of clean food options.

Toasted Owl Flagstaff

4. Mix it Up
If you sell bacon and aren't offering it as an up-sell on your veggie burgers, then you're leaving opportunity on the table. Everyone loves great toppings and a great burger, whether there is beef at the center or not.

Diablo Burger Flagstaff
Diablo Burger in Flagstaff

Growing your plant-based market share all comes down to strategy. Schedule a customized menu consultation and tasting with our team and let us help you demonstrate common values and offer dishes on your menu that everyone would want to eat (with or without meat).

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