[Podcast] The Evolution of Next-Gen Proteins

"It's All About Clean Ingredients."

Jonathan Netzky, co-founder and CEO of Local Alternative Foods, was recently featured on ProteinX's TopFloor podcast that focuses on next-gen proteins.

It’s clear that the booming market for meat alternatives remains quite far from addressing the real concerns that consumers are voicing. The latest plant-based demand creators claim its all about: taste, price and convenience.  Yet, consumers are informing themselves. Consumers are keying on the importance of clean, whole food ingredients that they understand the relationship to health and environmental benefits of whole plant-based food. This consumer need has left a gaping hole for better products that can meet the consumer's demand.

At Local Alternative Foods, we work almost exclusively in foodservice with chefs and restaurateurs who have even a different lens on the challenges and opportunities in plant-based dining.  Most of them have considered veggie burgers a necessary evil.  They are historically made from substandard ingredients and lack the culinary versatility to support their well-curated and otherwise predominately real food menus.

Our prospects and clients share with us that new-age “fake meats” are competing directly with ground beef. While that is the intention, this challenges one of the highest profit converting items to the restaurant. Some of these products cost 400% more than ground beef and have a shelf life of just 2 – 4 days. This results in waste due to spoilage, and further decreases profit potential, nullifying their value proposition for many operators, at every scale.

Based on current studies there’s at least a $35B market for Plant-based Meats coming to the table.  This is proof that tremendous demand exists for better products that can solve these problems.

Market Opportunity

In addition to further discussing the market opportunity of plant-based meats, Jonathan also highlights the next-gen protein, NexVeg, the 1st certified, whole food plant-based, ready-to-cook protein lines designed for foodservice.

We invite you to listen to the podcast below


This podcast also features other industry leaders including: Tommaso Di Bartolo, founding partner of Awesm Ventures, along with industry fellows MJ Kinney, Food Product Development Scientist, an expert in Food & Beverage Industry and next gen proteins, and Nathan Preteseille, Consultant in Agriculture and Food ASEAN and Europe, hosts two passionate entrepreneurs in the next-gen proteins space: Esra Serbes, Entrepreneur, Biologist, founder of Naturansa and Funa Foods.

Local Alternative Foods offers the most sustainable options for your menus and we know your consumers will love it. This is how healthy change happens – one bite at a time. If you want to learn more about how you can add plant-based options to your menu, we invite you to schedule a custom tasting and meet with our team.

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