Why Executive Chef Cesar Vasquez Serves NexVeg™, at La Senora in The Saguaro Hotel

"I’m a meat and potatoes eater, but this stuff was really good. I'm definetly coming back for this food!"  said a local football player, oddly, not shocking the foods creator, Executive Chef Cesar Vasquez.

Chef Vasquez is always looking for ways to be more innovative in his kitchen. He states , "I love getting people to try fun and creative foods through La Senora's menus. Incorporating Southwest flavors into mexican street food has become a great way to tweak old favorites into new dishes and learn what people like." 

Chef Vasquez will tell you that "having locally-sourced, handcrafted, ready-to-use products like NexVeg, turns peoples heads." Being an avid community shopper, Chef always supports by buying local first then outsourcing if needed.

"I, and my customers, love that it's made only from real food ingredients, like local Tepary beans.  I've had multiple guests who come to La Senora to enjoy our vegan options and I look forward to talking to them during and after their meals. They really love our vegan Queso Fundido, Tepary Smoky Southwest Tacos, and our El Jefe Nachos."

I get comments like,  "Others credit you as a "Culinary Artist" and state that they are going to tell everyone about our new vegan options. Per how much we're selling each week... I think they are getting the word out." El Hefe Nachos


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