Pita Jungle's - 5 Plant-based NexVeg™ Entrees

Pita Jungle planted their delicious whole food mediterranean menus throughout Arizona for over 25 years.  Keeping up with the times  they're adding 5, yes five, creative whole food plant-based dishes to their menus, dine-in and delivery, in a few locations.  They are already serving them at:

                              • Arcadia 
                              • Scottsdale
                              • Flagstaff 

1) Sonoran Tepary Burger



2) Hummus with Seared Hemp


Pita Jungle Order Now 3)  Grilled Hemp Steak Super Greens Salad



4)  Tepary Tikka Masala 



5. So where's the 5th awesome new plant based menu item? It will be available in September.  And It's so awesome that we'll let Pita Jungle's co-founder Bassel Osmani tell you all about it and the rest of their NexVeg plant-based creations in honor of National Gyros Day!


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