How to Differentiate Your Menu Using Whole Plant-Based Foods


Healthy and sustainable food means a lot more than raw carrots and celery these days.

“Eating healthy” isn’t a matter of all or nothing. Let’s be honest...practically nobody wants to eat 100% healthy 24/7. However, consumers certainly can’t eat in an unhealthy way all the time, nor would most be inclined to try.

Health and sustainability don’t mean eating 100% whole plant foods, every meal, every item on the plate, every single bite. Conscious, healthy eating happens one step at a time. And every single bite counts toward making a large difference in healthy eating habits. I believe, as do our clients in serving their patrons, that healthy eating can coexist with a little indulgence. For instance, the bacon veggie burger has been a tremendous success for several of our restaurant clients, all crediting their customers for the off-menu innovation.

Plant-based dishes don’t need to take over your whole menu to make a difference for your restaurant and the planet. When your menu offers healthy, plant-based options balanced with a touch of indulgence, consumers get it. And they readily get comfortable with eating these healthy alternatives more frequently. It’s these small steps that make an incremental difference toward consumers succeeding at integrating your menu into their healthy lifestyle through diet.

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How can you offer more profitable, meaningful, quality plant-based dishes?
The move to natural whole foods in plant-based dining is demonstrating that health and flavor can be synonymous, illuminating the opportunity to differentiate on both quality and flavor. You may not yet know about the delicious NexVeg plant-based alternative proteins and cheesy sauces. They change the profit paradigm for fresh, meaningful, vegetarian, vegan, allergen-free entrees that your customers will love. At Local Alternative Foods, we’ve developed proprietary micro-batch processes that transform fresh foods into whole-food plant-based / plant-pure meat substitutes, so that you don’t have to. The resulting products are the basis for reducing per-order labor while offering impeccable whole food quality, value-driven pricing and culinary specific options.

Derrick Widmark, Owner - Diablo Burger We said we’d put a veggie burger on the menu when it’s locally sourced, locally produced and really, really good. I commend Local Alternative Foods for rising to that challenge. Other people have tried, Local Alternative's succeeded to meet and exceed our standards and our patrons’ values. We love it! - Derrick Widmark, Owner - Diablo Burger

Our plant-based ingredients and processing choices focus on:

  • Renewable agricultural resources
  • Exclusively unadulterated minimally processed ingredients
  • Production processes that are trending to zero waste
  • Operating without using allergens, or ingredients that are hard for the consumer to understand

Local Alternative Foods offers the most sustainable options for your menus and we know your consumers will love it. This is how healthy change happens – one bite at a time. If you want to learn more about how you can add plant-based options to your menu, we invite you to schedule a custom tasting and meet with our team.

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