4 Ways NexVeg Improves Foodservice Efficiencies & Profits

Efficiency defines the profitability of a restaurant operation.

Achieving optimal efficiency in any foodservice operation requires the owner's and leader's utmost commitment. We must define and implement processes that minimize labor and create consistent quality food whether served in the restaurant, or in a bag.  We learn to invest in quality ingredients and durable equipment to increase menu value and kitchen productivity – and, if nothing goes wrong, profitability too.

Any of us that have done it know the effort, and fear the high failure rate, associated with launching a new restaurant concept.  Many foodservice operations in the past year have had to restructure almost instantly to emphasize delivery experience and find survivable margins.  At Local Alternative Foods, we’ve worked in each sector across the foodservice industry to define the needs and develop delicious options that address the typical problems restaurant kitchens face in serving meaningful clean plant-based entrees.

Our NexVeg™ product lines are craved by consumers and satisfy the demand of restaurant owners for labor-free, consistent quality products that support efficient and profitable plant-based menus.

Starting with an “everyone can eat product,” here are four ways the NexVeg™ center-of-plate proteins demonstrate best-in-class foodservice efficiencies.

1. Freshly-Frozen Consistent Quality
Handcrafted-to-order, with microbatch efficiency, NexVeg allergen-free plant proteins are made from 100% clean whole legumes, vegetables and grains. They get lightly combined, flash-frozen and vacuum sealed to lock in satisfying freshness, flavor and nutrition.  Having brought artisan quality to ready-to-use center-of-the-plate vegan options, NexVeg offers persistent customer satisfaction with ease of customization, cooking and plating.

2. Ready-to-Use Whole Food Plant-Based Center-of-Plate Proteins
Foodservice operators are considering more pre-made, ready-to-use ingredients and menu items that offset increasing costs of labor. It’s simple...less staff can serve more orders in the same amount of time. NexVeg preps faster, cooks faster, and can be served faster than common proteins. It also leaves the pan or griddle clean after cooking...For most recipes, NexVeg goes from package to plate in as little as 4 minutes.

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3. Improve Your Restaurant’s Cash Flow
Product waste and prep time take their toll on cash flow, especially when you only use fresh whole food ingredients. Inefficiencies such as purveying specialty ingredients, storing large production runs, quality management and employee training are all variable expense items. Identifying and creating products that trend these tasks to zero waste and eliminate labor while maintaining whole food plant based quality is the focus of Local Alternative Foods. 

Operators can purchase by the case or pallet, as needed, to save valuable freezer space and minimize waste with our on-demand delivery. NexVeg products arrive ready-to-use in raw, bulk or formed patties making them as easy to work with as ground beef.

4. Diversify Your Menu to Increase Market Share
Large menus satisfy a broader range of diners yet, they contradict efficiency models.  They require more inventory, equipment and personnel to produce them. NexVeg menu solutions diversify an existing menu’s appeal to healthy eaters who want whole foods, great taste and original dishes. And NexVeg high-quality proteins are efficient to prepare and use in a variety of entrées, from breakfast items to pasta dishes, and of course, premium veggie burgers. NexVeg whole-food meat substitutes offer versatility, creativity, and consistent quality to expand your menu in ways that count.

The NexVeg lines of whole plant-based proteins and instant cheezy sauces represent flexible, on-trend menu offerings that can improve kitchen staff’s productivity and increase net profits, on top of growing gross revenue.

What’s your strategy to thrive? Whether you are optimizing efficiency or capturing and converting the plant-based audience into new market share, our whole-food allergen-free products offer a unique opportunity. Are you ready to find out if we can deliver the item that is missing from your menu and help you stand out from the competition? Schedule a customized tasting with our team.

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