Choosing the Best Plant-Based Burger for Your Restaurant’s Menu

In our fast-food, quick-serve world, the burger reigns supreme. Dressed up with basic or elaborate toppings, the center of most of these ready-to-eat burgers is beef.

But what about burgers for plant-based eaters?

Many plant-based foods are really for everyone.

You don’t have to be a vegan or vegetarian to want something other than beef tucked into lettuce, tomato, pickles, and onions on a sesame seed bun. Many people reduce meat consumption when they’re watching their intake of cholesterol or saturated fat. Others turn to plant-based food options to reduce their carbon footprint.

The meat alternative market now exceeds $5 billion. Even the trade journal, Meatingplace, is encouraging the entire meat industry to develop plant-based proteins. “Better burger” restaurants are popping up across the nation, and they should be offering the best in veggie burgers – scrumptious, piled high with savory goodness, drizzled with secret sauce, and most importantly, aligned with all the wholesome nutrition and sustainability values that lead a variety of diners to choose plant-based foods.

Choosing your veggie burgers, from the inside.

Historically, most meat substitutes have been based on protein powders, stabilizers, sodium, artificial flavors and emulsifiers. Do pea protein isolate, soy protein concentrate, wheat gluten, hemeprotein and methylcellulose conjure up delicious images of “The Greatest Veggie Burger on the Planet”? It’s hard to imagine what these fractionated foods taste or even look like. But what about a flavorful, rich combination of indigenous whole tepary beans, native american grown and milled clean whole blue cornmeal, roasted seeds, fresh garlic, onions and carrots, hand-squeezed lemon juice, and naturally wood-smoked spices? Curious what that tastes like? Check out #NexVeg.

  • Performance Protein: 16g Complete Protein per 4oz portion. The first meat substitute anywhere to be Certified Whole-food Plant-based!
  • Locally-Premised: Founded on deep rooted sustainability ethos, we agree with the Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences, that "the tepary bean is quite possibly the most sustainable protein on earth".
  • Familiar & Accessible: NexVeg Menu Solutions make it really easy to serve uniquely comforting healthy plant-based dishes.

Check out the full list of ingredients.

Local Alternative Inc. in Flagstaff, Arizona, created NexVeg™, the first handcrafted commercial scale veggie burgers Certified for using 100% whole food ingredients. All NexVeg™ ready-to-use premium whole-food plant-based proteins are as easy to use as ground meat. Ingredients like the tepary beans are sourced locally in Arizona. They offer an excellent source of protein with extremely low water requirements and great flavor. 

NexVeg™ is distributed to and enjoyed through local and regional restaurant chains, healthcare and hospitality providers.

Why add NexVeg™ to your burger menu?

  • Access New Diners - with "Everyone Can Eat it", non-allergen NexVeg™.
  • Take pride in serving what are likely to be the tastiest, healthiest and most sustainable veggie burger in the market.
  • Build your brand, customizing the: ingredients, portions, forms and labels w/ no minimum orders.
  • Eats great whether it's served hot, delivered warm or as a cold left-over.

If you’re interested in learning more about adding plant-based burgers to your menu, schedule a complimentary consultation and tasting with our team.

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