9 Tips to Grow Your Plant-Based Menu Revenue

Coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, the foodservice economy is booming, but do you have the products needed to address it on your menu and keep up with consistent supply?

If your business is feeling the incredible demand for healthy and comforting foods that adhere to growing trends, we invite you to access our 9 actionable tips to enhance your conversion rate for first-time and repeat visitation.

The 9 actionable tips include:

1. 9 Tips Checklist ImageConfirming Your Supply Chain Dependability

2. Sounding Healthy is Now a Good Thing

3. Sharing Your Sustainability

4. Serving Everyone

5. Highlighting Your Tastiest Ingredients

6. Pricing for Profitability

7. Offering Upsells That Indulge

8. “As Delivered” Quality Matters Too

9. Twice the Items, Twice the Revenue

Click here, or the button below, to access the 9 detailed tips and actionable takeaways on how to grow your plant-based menu revenue.

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